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Even if you’re moving to another country within the Middle East, it’s essential to adhere to customs regulations and complete all necessary paperwork before packing up your home.

Similar to international moves, relocating within the Middle East means adjusting to a somewhat unfamiliar environment. Despite cultural similarities, what’s considered the norm in Oman might be rare or unheard of in Muscat. Our experts can assist you in settling down with orientation services, including area tours and guidance on everyday essentials like finding the nearest supermarket or health center. We’ll also help you locate a home (if not part of a relocation package) and provide assistance in selecting schools.

With decades of experience in the Middle East and a team of professional movers and packers, MPM is well-equipped to simplify your move, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of life.


Shipments in groups

For popular worldwide destinations, a shared use container service may be the most economical answer. Several shipments heading to the same destination are consolidated and loaded into a shipping container. This suits customers with flexible moving / delivery dates and smaller shipments.

Full Container Load (FCL) shipment

This essentially indicates that you have a steel shipping container of your very own. When access permits, it will be closed and loaded at your home before being transported to the port and loaded onto the vessel that will carry you to your country of destination.

Less than Full Container Load (LCL) shipments

This simply means you have your own dedicated steel shipping container. Where access allows, it will be loaded and closed at your residence before being taken to the port for loading onto the booked vessel to your destination country.


Sending a modest shipment of necessary items before your marine shipment containing your heavier belongings is worth considering, even though air freight is usually less expensive than sea freight because rates are determined by volume rather than weight. If you have a reasonably little shipment to deliver, this can be the best option in addition to shifting necessary items. The fact that items arrive in days as opposed to weeks is the main benefit of air freight.


Road freight is typically utilised for moves within the Middle East, even if it might occasionally be the most economical choice, as international road moves can take weeks to arrive at their destination. All of your personal items are packed inside a closed vehicle to keep them safe from the weather, just like with other sorts of goods.

Made Best Options

Car Relocation

Travel with peace of mind when you work with MPM movers, your reliable partner in the auto moving industry. Redefining the experience of transferring a car across the nation or to a different state are our expert car relocation services. We put the efficiency and safety of your car's transportation first as seasoned auto moving professionals.

Uncover why MPM movers is the best option for local auto relocation in your area. Experience the simplicity of working with them. In order to allay worries regarding the expense of relocating your car across the nation, we are also committed to offering clear pricing. As leaders in the industry of vehicle relocation, we take great satisfaction in offering your priceless vehicle a smooth and safe transition.